Aaron Swartz’s FBI and Secret Service files

A large and very up-to-date archive of Aaron’s government files, extracted through Freedom of Information Act requests. (more…)

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Disgaea 5’s Latest Trailer Gets Closer To The Three Main Heroes

The trailer starts out with Disgaea 5’s protagonist quoting, “I’ll never forget… revenge is the only thing that’s keeping me going.”

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D4 review: fire walk with D

The Trouble Disney Remix

Clients are not Your Friend and That’s OK

“The first time I presented design to a client I absolutely choked. I put the work in front of them and stood there like an idiot. It was humiliating. The next time was a little easier. And the time after that, well, you get the idea. I have done every one of the things on this list. I’m sharing them with you in the hopes that they’ll spare you a humiliating experience or two. It’ll take time.”

Mike Monterio (again) shares some practical wisdom for anyone who works with clients. You can design the most amazing thing, but if you can’t present it’s no good. I cringed reading this, knowing I too have made some of these mistakes.

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What are you seeking at work?

Some people want safety and respect. They want to know what the work rules are, they want a guarantee that the effort required is both predictable and rewarded. They seek an environment where they won’t feel pushed around, surprised or…

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Zero to One

Zero to One by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters is one of the best business books I’ve read in a while. http://ift.tt/1u8OnI1 via Matt Mullenweg

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